Event management for every event you can think of:

רישום לנופשים

Company Retreats

רישום לאירועים וכנסים

Conferences & Workshops

מערכת רישום לסיורים וטיולים מאורגנים

Organized Group Tours

רישום לאירוע פנאי

Recreation Activities

Registration forms that suit your needs

Because each client is unique

Education and Academia

Education and academia

Research, discoveries, tools, and developments

Simple registration for enlightening events

Welfare Managers

Welfare Managers

From the annual company retreat to group gatherings, and tours

Registration for all your corporate events!

Production and Tourism

Production and Tourism

Holidays, trips, conferences, and more

 Registration management for all event types

The Medical World

The Medicine World

New developments, innovations, changes, and updates

Medical conferences are the place to hear about them!

Easy to set up - Easy to use

אתרי רישום לכנסים ולאירועים

Vibrant registration websites

All the information about your event in one place, with efficient and quick set up that doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

Use the website to showcase your event with a detailed agenda (including different tracks for different registrants), speakers and sponsors lists, media, call to action buttons and more. We also offer an exclusive option to show custom data for specific registrants – ask us about it!

הרשמה לאירועים וכנסים

Advanced registration forms

Manage complex events that include multiple rotations and hotels, flights and other transport arrangements with Forms-Wizard. Our system enables you to create different tracks for various participants, track inventory and charge for participation directly from your registration form.

And just so you know: Our house specialty is company retreats in Israel and abroad, and we have special system we developed just for this purpose.

Everything you need for a smooth experience

We thought about it all

ניהול מוזמנים לכנסים ולאירועים

Simple & Efficient Invitations Management

ניהול נרשמים לכנסים ולאירועים

Reliable Registration Management

צ'ק אין לכנסים ולאירועים

An Impressive Check-In Experience

תשלום מאובטח לכנסים ולאירועים

Secure Online Payments & Clearing

אבטחה נגישות ותאימות

Security, Accessibility & Compatibility

Specialized Advantages

Everything you might need

What you have to gain

Our Experience shows that using our system increases the exposure and registration rates, whilst decreasing the amount of time needed for the event’s production. The reason for that is that our system is easy to use. After a short training session from our devoted support team you can start creating registration forms and event websites independently (thou we are always here to help).

Meet Your Goals

Besides our excellent forms, we offer a variety of unique technological solutions that can help you manage your event and reach any goal you have set up for your event. From abstract collections, posters presentation, to leads gathering, ticket sales flight and hotel registrations – we got you covered.

הרשמה, רישום,

Have more in mind?

B2B Wizard

Our new networking and meeting scheduling system for events and conferences

Our new system allows participants to network before, during, and after the event, and to schedule 1:1 meetings that will take place at your event.

It is based on a holistic events concept, which means all events and conferences will be gathered together under one platform, so participants will only need to register to the system once to be able to browse between all the available events.

Special Features: Advanced meeting scheduler and filtering options, timeline view, and much more!

B2B Wizard
מערכת פוסטרים

High-quality digital posters display on large scale screens

Use Forms-Wizard to collect abstracts and posters, and show them on large scale screens using vertical display during your conference with Poster-Pro.

Browesing the posters is possible from any computer (no special app needed!), and our advanced search option allows you to look for specific posters by author or topic.

איסוף לידים בכנסים

Quick and efficient leads gathering at conferences

Gathering leads from potential customers is an essential part of any event. With Lead Wizard, you can save time and resources, and gather leads during your event without delaying either you or your customers.

Our system is easy to use, and it’s based on using your smartphone camera to scan the participants’ name tags and then gathering them to one convenient list.

Our Clients

Among our diverse clientele, you can find organizations, institutions, local and international companies, associations and the private sector

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הוכמן שכטר
קשרי תעופה
המרכז הרפואי שמיר
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Our success stories

What our clients have to share

האוניברסיטה העברית
Recently we used Forms Wizard for two large conferences and we intend to continue using it in the future. With the system, you can design a high-quality, pleasant, easy to navigate, and friendly website. In addition, you can track the registration process, see statistics even before the registration is done, issue reports, and print name-tags - which makes the registration process easy and convenient. Highly recommended!

Naama, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

We are an investment house serving High Net Worth individuals. Over the last several months we have hosted several events for our investors as well as potential investors. These events had a complex sign up process which included identification and qualification, and signing up for sessions at different times. Forms Wizard was able to handle these complex processes with ease and grace

Alon, Profimex

Well designed. The system does everything! The best piece of software I have ever used. Forms Wizards’ flexibility, capabilities, and logic mean there is a solution for every requirement. It is so easy to use - I was creating forms in a matter of minutes. It automated and optimized our registration process for events. We also use it in invitations to allow customers to request meetings. The sky is the limit

Lori, Verint

קשרי תעופה
Excellent service and support from Form-Wizard team. Willingness to solve any problem. The Form-Wizard software provides good solutions for conferences registration and for and for abstracts collecting. Plus, the company offers an option to set up a website with information, a registration form and secure clearing at an attractive price

Nurit, Aviation Links Ltd


News, Tips & Tricks

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New! Mobile entrance control for events that allows you to scan more people in less time by connecting the barcode scanner directly to your smartphone

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Drop-downs, radio buttons and check boxes

Drop-downs, radio buttons check boxes, and their differences – let us help you choose the right type of field for your registration form

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